What we offer

Our Services

Hitek’s technologistic solutions and services are tailored to your needs. Our shipping options are reliable and stress-free. Our 45000 sq. ft. of warehouse space is expertly managed, and our international reach is one of the best in the business, with partnerships on every continent for an exceptional customer experience. Here is an overview of some of our services:


Whether you’re shipping within Canada, to the U.S., or to international destinations around the globe, you can count on Hitek’s partners to deliver the excellent service you expect for all your shipments.


With cross-border LTL and FTL services, we deliver! Our tracking software and customized service elevates your whole customer experience. We ship, we track and trace, we make it happen.

Ocean Freight

Our international offices and partners in Europe and Asia makes moving ocean cargo an efficient affair. We offer complete global coverage for LCL and FCL freight thanks to our partnerships with the largest ocean carriers in the world.

Air Freight

Our IATA (International Air Transportation Association) and ACS (Air Cargo Security) certifications ensure that we are trusted partners of all major airlines for reliable tracking and shipping.


We have 45 000 sq. ft. of warehouse space spread out over two facilities that are expertly managed by certified personnel. Our warehouse on the tarmac at Mirabel airport enables later cut-off times.

Special Projects

We do not shy away from forward-thinking, innovative and scalable logistic solutions. Our pioneering technological approach to logistics makes us a one of a kind partner in the ever-evolving business world.

Reverse Logistics

Shipping is only part of the job! We offer concrete reverse logistic solutions so your aftermarket supply chain is taken care of. Be it a return for repair or a warranty exchange, we offer concrete reverse logistics solutions.

Supply Chain Consulting

How better to improve your supply chain efficiency than to put our expertise to the task! We study and unravel our clients’ supply chain processes and offer customized solutions to improve efficiency and profit.