Hitek’s technological advantage

Hitek360 is a web-based proprietary ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, designed in-house by Hitek in order to increase your efficiency and visibility, as well as your process workflow.

Hitek360 enables you, among multiple other possibilities, to rate-shop, consult product databases, receive estimated delivery dates, track in real time, get proof of delivery, create Commercial invoices for customs clearance, and eliminate manual data entry. We can install this software directly in your office, thus creating an efficient and reliable tool for your everyday shipping and tracking needs.

The technologistic advantage of working with Hitek is embodied in this self-management tool we have designed for our clients, giving them 24/7 access. We invest time and effort in IT Development to improve our interfaces and systems, and that highlights our desire to fulfill your needs. At Hitek, we make it happen.

Who we are

Hitek is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company founded in 2004 by Richard Côté, headquartered in Montreal Quebec, and with offices around the world. Since its inception, Hitek has grown exponentially because of its exceptional customer service, technologistic expertise and adaptability. The technological advantage of working with Hitek is embodied in Hitek360, a proprietary software designed to make your logistic experience stress-free.

What we do

We provide innovative technologistic solutions and services tailored to your warehousing and shipping needs. We offer 24h availability, exceptional customer service and delivery commitment in a vast array of markets. Whatever your logistic necessity is, at Hitek we make it happen.

Why we do it

Hitek Logistic Inc. is built on simple but essential principles: trust, dependability, honesty, innovation and transparency. We call them our pillars. With these core values on our sleeve we strive to become the technologistic leader of a fast-growing global market. We invest time and energy in developing services and software that are in line with our pillars, and this is the incomparable strength of Hitek Logistic Inc.